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Travel Insurance for over 75

Travelling in later life or going for that once in a lifetime world tour?

IIt is official, the average age of travellers is heading north! People now over 70, over 75 and even over 80 and heading abroad for a budget trip. All these policies will cover the over 80s in some way or other!

Getting travel insurance when you are over 70 can be quite troublesome but iBackpack has searched out a couple of providers for you.

Direct Line Travel Insurance Columbus Travel Insurance (up to 99 years)
Direct line are continually working and bringing down travel insurance premiums.
Quotes from £12.00
> Visit Columbus direct

Directline Travel Insurance John Lewis Travel Insurance (up to 99 years)
Older backpackers will like John Lewis insurance.
> Visit John Lewis

Insure for all Travel Insurance Insure for all (up to 99 years)
Insure for all covers up to and including 84
Quotes from £12.00
> Visit INSURE FOR ALL web site

Marks and Spencers Flexi travel insurance (up to 85 years)
Flexi provides cover for the Over 75 age group.
> Visit FLEXI website

Direct Line Travel Insurance Insure for Insurance (up to 84 years)
Insure for will cover older travellers.
Quotes from £12.00
> Visit INSURE FORS web site

One Stop Insurance JS Travel Insurance (up to 80)
JS will cover the over 75s up to 80
Quotes from £12.00
> Visit JS INSURANCE site

essential Insure with ease Travel Insurance
Essential covers people up to the age of 99
Quotes from £16.00
> Visit INSURE WITH EASE web site



If you have a web site offering backpacker travel insurance then contact us and we will review your product

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