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Round the World Travel Insurance

Global Travel and RTW travel insurance

Are you planning the ultimate around the world trip? As exciting as this maybe and as boring as insuance may seem it is vital you take out travel insurance for your big OE or RTW trip!

First, write down what you are hoping to get out of the trip. A high-intensity tick-list of sights from the Taj to the Sydney Opera House? An orbit of indulgence, from massage in Chiang Mai to feasting in Fiji? Or an urban spin through great "world cities" such as Mumbai, Tokyo and Chicago? Your dream planner should pay due heed to climate. I have frozen in Turkey and been drenched in Denpasar after failing to note the likely temperature and rainfall. The Rough Guide to Weather might make a wise first purchase.

Next, separate your targets into two lists: must-sees and good-to-haves. "A" listers might include the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon; your "B" wish list could comprise the Pyramids, the Maldives and Honolulu.

Third, you don't have to fly everywhere. Incorporating terrestrial journeys as part of the experience can be much more enriching than stepping aboard yet another plane.

Downunder Insurance Insure with ease Insurance
No matter where you're going on your backpacking trip, you're bound to be looking for adventure. So it is vital that you purchase insurance cover for any adventurous sports or activities that you intend to take part in whilst you're away.
Quotes from £20.00
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Downunder Insurance Flexi Cover Insurance
You will be automatically covered for many sports and activities, including bungee jumping, scuba diving and white water rafting, as well as voluntary work and farming holidays.
Quotes from £19.00
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One Stop Insurance Columbus Travel Insurance
Great cover and options particularly for students, the under 35 years old gappers and backpackers on a budget.
Quotes from £37.00
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insure for Insurance Insure for Insurance's cheap backpacker holiday insurance includes up to 98 special sports and activities within the policy Cheap backpacker insurance is a vital part of your trip. Keep costs down, without cutting corners on your cover.
Quotes from £38.00
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Avanti Avanti Insurance
Avanti offers Great value insurance for gap years and student
Cover for trips up to 18 months
Ballooning to zorbing - a wide range of activities covered & £5 million medical expenses
Quotes from £38.00
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One Stop Insurance JS Travel Insurance
Good quality insurance cover for backpackers and long stay travellers heading off
Insurance Quotes from £12.00

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Directline Travel Insurance John Lewis Travel Insurance
Backpackers are covered with comprehensive cover - up to £10million emergency medical expenses, £6,000 per person cancellation cover, and £2,500 for lost luggage.
Quotes from £32.60
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