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CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

North America Travel Insurance Guide

If you are heading to North America for BUNAC, to work, rest or play then check out the policies below that are geared to North America.

Points to consider before purchasing North America travel insurance:
Good insurance cover is always essential if you are going to work, particularly if the work is physical.
The cost of health care in North America is extremely high so you should consider this before you travel. Good North America travel insurance is absolutely essential.

WorldNomads Travel Insurance World Nomads Travel Insurance
Very competitive on price and good sports cover. This is particularly good if you are planning on taking part in winter sports in Canada or the USA. Prices from £37.00
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GoTravel Insurance Go Travel Insurance Services
Very flexible options with good comprehensive cover. Good cover for working holidays to Canada and for anyone joining the North America BUNAC scheme. Prices from £37.08
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One Stop Insurance 1 Stop Travel Insurance
Does a specialist policy for the USA and Canada. If you are heading around the cites of the west coast or the mountains of the Rockies then one stop travel insurance will provide you with great cover. Prices from £40
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