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Travelling without travel insurance?

UluruIt is so easily done. You are rushing around preparing your big trip and you forget to buy travel insurance. This is more common than you might expect.

The other scenario is that you might have gone travelling for an extended time and decided to stay longer. This is also quite common as one of the great things about RTW tickets is that you can usually change the length of the ticket.

Firstly the bad news. Many travel insurance providers will not cover you once you have left your own country. The simple reason for this is that it would be easy to travel without insurance and then buy it in the event of need to claim such as an accident or baggage loss.

In order to prevent this many travel insurance providers will not cover you once you set foot on the airplane.

Some travel insurance providers will extend your cover while you are away but these usually involved lengthy telephone calls and a complete review of your current situation.

Now for some good news. One travel insurance provider will cover you once you have left your own country. World Nomads will allow you to buy travel insurance once you have started travelling if you forget to buy cover before you leave.

Worldnomads will also be happy to extend your current policy if you plan to stay away longer.

Follow the links below for more information on Worldnomads.

> Get a quote from World nomads

> Read our review of World nomads


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