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Downunder Backpacker Insurance Review

Down Under Travel Insurance

Downunder Backpacker Travel Insurance

Policy names: Backpacker Travel Insurance
Web site: Downunder Web Site
Instant online purchase: Yes
Time taken to purchase: 10 mins
Destinations covered: Europe & Aus, NZ and Worldwide
Time range covered: From 30 days
Prices from: From GBP21.00 / USD40.00 / AUD55.00 / NZD60.00
Maximum age: 55
Medical cover: 2m
Special features:

Duinsure backpacker insurance offers a 10% discount for online purchases. Also offers cover for working holiday visas so is a good option for anyone on working holiday to the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

If you stay in New Zealand and / or Austrlia for 75% or more of your backpacker trip then you do not have to take worldwide cover. Downunder also offers a 14 day money back guarantee

iBackpack opinion Downunder Insurance Insurance:
With Downunder Insurance it is possible to travel to Australia and NZ with stop overs in Asia and be covered for as little as 189 (excl worldwide). This taylored cover offers excellent value for money in our opinion and is great for anyone heading to Australia or New Zealand on a working holiday.
URL link to site: Downunder Web Site

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