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Using your credit or debit card for online purchases

Using your credit card to purchase travel insurance online

Credit card

Here are some tips to keep yourself and your home computer safe from credit card and online fraud...

If you suspect a website is not what it is suppose to be then leave the site. Do not follow instructions that the site may present you.

Check whether the information you are asked to provide makes sense. For example, a casino site should not ask for your account number or the PIN for your debit card.

Do not respond if a site or e-mail asks for information and it does n't feel right.

Keep a good Paper Trial and ensure the company has an address and check that address if need be.

Look for the little yellow padlock at the bottom right of your browser to ensure the site is running in secure mode.

Keep your computer up to date with the current anti-virus software. Anti-virus software updates are important to guard against new viruses.

Personal firewalls help prevent unauthorised access to your computer, especially if you have a broadband connection.

Shut your home PC off or physically disconnectit from an Internet connection if not in use.

Monitor all your credit and debit card transactions. Review your bank statements as soon as you receive them to make sure that you are being charged only for transactions you made.

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