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We compare gap-year and working
holiday travel insurance for Australia

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Australia Backpackers Travel Insurance Guide

If you are heading to Australia for a gap-year or a working holiday then check out these policies.

Points to consider before buying travel insurance for Australia

Good Australia travel insurance cover is essential if you are going to work in Australia. This is particularly the case if the work is physical rtaher than office based. Employers will expect that you have travel insurance cover and may well ask you in an interview for evidence of this so make sure you bring your travel policy document along.

You must consider the small print when looking at cover for extreme activities. Whether it be sky diving, bungee jumping, snowboarding or surfing you must make sure your activity is convered by your policy. Many policies have up to four different categories of activities ranging from normal to extreme. This makes Australia travel insurance crucial.

From the USA? Click here for policies for you.

Worldnomads Australia Travel Insurance
It is possible to travel to Australia with stop overs in South East Asia and to be covered for as little as £200. This offers excellent value for money in our opinion. It is also possible to buy this insurance if you are already in Australia. This is useful if you decide to stay on longer than planned. Prices from £29.00
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GoTravel Insurance Go Travel Insurance Services
Very flexible options with good comprehensive cover. Good cover for working holidays Go Travel is an entirely Internet based Australia travel insurance business aiming to offer excellent online products at highly competitive prices. Prices from £37.08
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