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Travel Insurance and 'Acts of God'

Acts of God and travel insurance - now this is one grey area! Some policies cover you and some don't. Some policies cover all 'Acts of God' and some only cover some 'Acts of God'. Some 'Acts of God' can not be covered because they have never happened before. Oh my God I here you gasp!

It is very hard to give general advice about Acts of God as by their very nature they are hard to generalise about. The best advice is to keep an eye on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel warnings as they might point to some potential natural disasters.

Basically if something very unexpected happens you might well be covered by most policies (please be aware that not all will and make sure you read that small print (link))!. If you decide to go trekking on a Volcano, such as Mount Bromo on Java, Indonesia, and there had been a lot of volcanic activity recently documented then you might well not be covered!

The Asian Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 is a good example of an 'Act of God'. Many people have been left with a medical bill because they were not covered by Acts of God. Some insurers though have been more positive and are looking at claims on a case by case basis.

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