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Aussie to lower taxes for young working holiday makers

THE AUSTRALIAN government has agreed to reduce the backpacker's tax rate by 15 per cent.

The changes will affect working holiday visitors from abroad.

Every year, around 600,000 backpackers travel to Australia on a working holiday visa - with many taking jobs picking fruit.

In 2014-15 the government granted 44,730 visas to British citizens alone.

The new 'backpacker tax' is lower than the original rate of 32.5 per cent put forward by the government.

The initial 32.5 per cent angered many tour and farming operators, who said taxing temporary workers 32.5 cents for every dollar they earn would put people off coming to Australia.

Farmers also believed the higher tax rate would deter travellers from working on Australian farms - especially those who wanted to renew their visa.

Currently, travellers working in Australia do not pay any tax until they annual income exceeds A$18,000 (£11,000) - the same as an Australian worker.

Treasurer for the Australian government Scott Morrison announced that a compromise had been reached with independent crossbenchers.

Speaking in Canberra on Monday, Scott said: "The government will be working to put in place a bill, which will propose 15 per cent on the backpackers' arrangement."

He added: "We will honour the arrangement that we've come to with Senator Nick Xenophon and we appreciate his continued support on this, as well as Senator Derry Hinch."

The decision comes after more than year of debating between the government, opposition and minor parties on the backpacker tax rate.

Prior to the announcement, Scott had claimed that that lowering the tax rate to 15 per cent could potentially cost the Australian budget A$120 million over four years

Ever considered Africa as a backpacking destination?

Africa might not be the first place you think of when considering a budget trip, but it's the future!

Here are three things to remember...

1. Realise that Africa is huge. Depending on your available time, pick one or two neighbouring countries to explore.

2. It’s essential that you choose the “right country” for you. Intrepid travellers could try places like Sudan, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia or any country that’s more or less politically stable. That being said, I would recommend beginners to start off with ‘easier’ countries that offer a minimum of tourist infrastructure. Places where you will meet plenty of other travellers and expats to exchange travel tips and ideas with.

Ghana, Senegal or Gambia are good options for West Africa. So are Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia or Kenya in Eastern Africa. In Southern Africa consider Zimbabwe or Botswana. All of these countries allow you to travel around effortlessly by public transportation, lodge in hostels or homestays and offer Western food options which come in handy when you’re tired of the African staples.

South Africa is a possibility as well, but I wouldn’t classify the country as a typical African country in terms of tourism. Like the Northern African sub-region, it has an endless array of travel possibilities for the visitor.


RTW Traveller?

If you are planning a round the world trip then make sure you have decent RTW Travel Insurance in case of any mishaps

Warning about EHIC cards

European health insurance cards are medical cards for residents of European Union countries and entitles the bearer to basic medical coverage in the event of an accident abroad

It is in no way a substitute for travel insurance and the perception that you do not need travel cover with an EHIC card could not be more wrong.

Always ensure you have decent backpacker cover when you are in another European country and have your EHIC card in your wallet too.

Looking for backpacker holiday insurance for long term travel or working holidays? Always ensure you take out the appropriate travel cover.

Are set up for a vacation in Europe or maybe that backpcking in Paris? in spite of wherever you plan to travel, the one factor you wish to create positive is that each one your essential things ar contained firmly throughout the trip. And to secure all of your essential things all you would like may be a prime quality backpack or backpack bag as a result of you'd ne'er need to ruin the entire trip due to a broken backpack.

To give you answer to the present downside, here ar a number of the guidelines that may assist you obtain the most effective travel backpack for your next tour.

The most common reasons why individuals upgrade to a brand new backpack or backpack bag ar either the previous one is broken or it's simply too massive or little. another excuse can be that either the bags bag does not have the specified area or it does not replicate current fashion trends.

Size of your backpack

This is typically seen in older suitcases that in spite of what quantity you are trying you do not notice enough area in it. Once you're through with the packing the final thing you've got to try and do to shut the backpack is to use pressure by sitting on prime of it. thus next time you get a bag choose a additional spacious one.

Now comes the choice method and it's not that simple because it sounds. There ar such a big amount of suitcases out there within the market from completely different brands, sizes and kinds. the primary and foremost factor ought to|you ought to|you must} do is to create up your mind concerning the specified size of your new backpack and therefore the material of that it should be fabricated from. the dimensions of the new backpack depends on the period of your next trip and you ought to conjointly attempt considering upgrading the dimensions on the premise of that if necessary.

Types of rucksack

As mentioned earlier, you may notice many sorts of backpack bags in terms of arduous and soft materials also as some hybrid ones. The arduous material suitcases ar the foremost sturdy as they'll check that none of your belongings ar broken throughout transit and they are water-proof also. the sole con of a tough material backpack is that they ar slightly serious.

With all the praise concerning the arduous material backpack, you mustn't ignore the benefits of buying a soft material backpack. With soft material, you'll be able to simply maximize the area at intervals the backpack. Being soft material, you'll be able to stuff additional garments, shoes and alternative necessary things that wasn't attainable on your regular hard-top backpack. And in particular, they're quite light-weight also. just like the arduous suitcases, the soft material backpack even have disadvantages like they get simply broken also as get soaked terribly before long once caught in rain.

The best means is to want a branded backpack bag that comes at intervals your budget. it'll be wise analyze however long your vacation are going to be and what variety of things in terms of garments, shoes and alternative necessary things you may carry throughout the trip. Such coming up with can assist you decide the correct size of the bag you would like to hold your belongings throughout the overseas trip.

There ar many fashionable brands like Samsonite or Rimowa that provide choices of multiple storage compartments at intervals them. These compartments ar terribly handy after you ought to store your grooming kit, makeup accessories, necessary documents and alternative necessary things.

If you're yearning for a top quality backpack for your next vacation trip, i might advocate shopping for Rimowa backpack as they are available with prime quality, differing types and at intervals everyone's budget

Travel Insurance is a must for the modern day traveller

Backpackers of the 21st century are a breed apart from their 20th century cousins. The biggest impact on travel now is the use of technology on the road much favoured by independent travellers.

Backpackers now carry ipads, ipods, iphones, SLR cameras, notebooks, soloar power chargers, kindles just to name a few and with theft an ever present danger on the road then one must have decent gadget insurance.

Most travel insurance for over 80s providers will cover such items as part of the man policy but you must be aware that they might not cover very expensive items, say over £300, and extra coverage will need to be purchased for these.

New Insurance Types

Hostelling Travel Insurance

Childs Travel Insurance

Why you need backpacker travel insurance

travel insurance for backpackers is essential if you are travelling for an extended period of time, even if you are on a budget.

Check out why you need backpacker cover article for further details.


Backpacker insurance attitudes changing in South Australia

According to South Australian Backpacking Industry Association chairman Gary Locke.

Mr Locke, who owns Adelaide Travellers Inn on Hutt St, said the City Council and the SA Tourism Commission should be working together to target backpackers and providing them with employment opportunities that would keep them in Adelaide longer.

He said most tourism campaigns were designed at middle-aged, short-term travellers.

"Backpackers on average spend $79 a day. They also stay longer," Mr Locke said.

He said in the past 10 years the demographics of the backpackers had changed from being school leavers to being in their mid-20s.

"Now they have more skills, have finished uni and are willing to stay for a year," he said.

Older backpacker looking for backpacker travel insurance

Older backpackers are now taking the world by storm and its important for them to have travel insurance older people so they can then relax on their trip.

Travel insurance for older people

Its not only young people that travel for a long period of time now, there are many looking for travel insurance for the over 80s and over 85 insurance these days too. The premiums for older people are no longer as expensive as they once were either, so there should be no barier to anyone travelling these days based on older travel insurance!

Backpacker should always take out backpackers travel cover so they can then enjoy their gap year and not worry about accidents or thefts.

Travel insurance for off piste skiiing?
Fancy going off piste this winter and finding it hard to get cover for extreeme snowboarding? The check out our guide to Off piste skiiing insurance....

A travel Insurance story from Australia's East Coast
This is a story about a girl who got the bends while diving in Australia and illustrates why good quality cover is so important. The story continues....

Heading away with your family?

If you are planning a backpacking trip with your family then you should take out cheap family travel insurance to ensure all your loved ones are covered.

Are you thinking of not taking out travel insurance for your backpacker trip? You may wish to read this backpacking travel insurance article first!

Have you already left without travel insurance or are you needing to extend?
many people forget to buy travel insurance and often leave without it, similarly some people extend their trip while they are away and need to extend trravel insurance.

Travel insurance if you are outside your home country

Pre-existing medical conditions
Many people do not realise that very few travel insurance policies actually cover pre-existing medical conditions.For instance if you have asthma your travel insurance will not cover your condition. Always check the small print of your travel insurance policy.

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No Insurance? How much will it cost?
£35,000 for an air ambulance from the USA.
£8,500 for a scheduled flight and a doctor from Australia.


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